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Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch Menus
Hot Lunches are served on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.   Those meals are ordered those mornings.  Meals are $4 each.  Second servings are $0.50 each extra serving. 
Tuesdays meal is $2.00 for a PB&J sandwich. 
Pizza by the Slice is served on Thursday.  Each slice is $1.00.  
Sample Meals:  
Baked Ziti                                                             Pancakes
Vegetable                                                             Scrambled Eggs
Garlic Bread                                                         Fruit
Juice                                                                    Juice
Dessert                                                                Dessert
Burgers (Vegetarian)                                           Mac-n-Cheese
Chips                                                                   Baked Beans with Veggie Hotdog Slices
Fresh Veggies                                                     Green Beans
Juice                                                                    Fresh Veggies
Dessert                                                                Juice
Hot Dogs                                                              Haystacks
Chips                                                                    (Chips, Refried Beans, Cheese, Lettuce, Olives, Sour Cream, Salsa)
Fresh Veggies                                                      Juice
Juice                                                                     Dessert
Burritos (Bean)                                                     Tostadas
Spanish Rice                                                        (Tostada, Refried Beans, Cheese, Lettuce, Olives, Sour Cream, Salsa)
Juice                                                                     Juice
Dessert                                                                 Dessert
Spaghetti                                                              Pizza by the Slice
Green Beans                                                        (CiCi's Pizza)
Garlic Bread                                                         BYO Extras


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