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Mission and Vision


Partnering with students, parents and church members to encourage children to love Jesus and be productive members of society. 


The purpose of the Joshua Adventist Multi-grade School is to provide a Christ-centered, Seventh-day Adventist education.  Assisting students in the development of Seventh-day Adventist, Christian educators will prepare them to take their places in God’s kingdom and will enable them to function as law-abiding citizens in this world.  This involves the development of the whole person – physical, mental, social and spiritual.  This is best accomplished with our staff, parents and church community working together to provide an environment conducive to development of Christian characters. 


We believe that through the use of the Holy Scriptures and the Spirit of Prophecy, students will gain a growing knowledge of and a love for the Creator. Each student will be given opportunities to accept Christ as their Savior and allow the Holy Spirit to transform their lives. We believe that the Joshua Adventist Multi-grade School challenges students to develop a personal sense of mission for sharing the gospel to all the world. Students are assisted in developing an understanding and appreciation for the worth of all people.

The Joshua Adventist Multi-grade School recognizes the importance of providing opportunities for each student to excel within the parameters of the interest, needs, and abilities that they possess.

It is the desire of the Joshua Adventist Multi-grade School to help the students in the development of academic skills needed for them to succeed in high school, college and other educational pursuits.

We are dedicated to providing a staff who is consecrated to Christ and who demonstrate by example the fundamental principle of love.


• To assist students in development of Christ-like characters.

• To provide an educational climate conducive to Christ-like character development.

• To assist students in Bible study and study of the Spirit of Prophecy—to gain knowledge of and love for the Creator.

• To teach the beliefs, ideals, and customs of the  Seventh-day Adventist Church, and to lead the  student to ascertain and accept, in practice and sentiment, the mind and will of God as revealed in His Word.

• To help each student in the development of a relationship with Jesus and to provide opportunity for each to accept Christ as their personal Savior.