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Home School Policy

Joshua Adventist Multi-grade School realizes that formal school is a choice and many parents choose to home school their children.  We support parents who are able to make this choice and seek ways to strengthen home school education for the good of the child.  Schools have resources and professional expertise which may be unavailable to a parent at home.  Parents often search for outside programs to round their child’s education.  The school is open to exploring ways in which we can support parents through individual classes, the music program, sports, and other aspects of student life.

Students wanting to participate in activities should register as a home school student and pay a registration fee.  This covers liability insurance and provides library and computer privileges.

Registration Fee:  $100

Monthly tuition fees are as follows:

Grades 3-8Full Class         Additional Full ClassMusic               P.E.                 
Approx. Percent13%8%6%6%



  • The Home School Student Contract must be signed and on file at the school.
  • The JAMS staff is in charge of discipline and behavior at all times.
  • Parents may not sit in the classroom.Another location will be provided for waiting parents.
  • Younger siblings must remain with parents at all times and must not become a distraction to the school program.
  • JAMS dress code and rules must be followed at all times.
  • Home School students are expected to follow the same standard of behavior that is required of all students.
  • Parents need to sign up for the newsletter to ensure they are updated on all announcements and possible changes in scheduling.
  • The attendance policy must be followed.If a part time student receives an F for attendance, their class status will be changed from active to auditing and no credit will be given.


  • Students must be present and on time for all classes.
  • In music classes, two unexcused absences in one month means they may dropped from the class.
  • Bell participation begins in the 4th grade.
  • For performances, students must wear dress black pants or skirt and a white Oxford-style up shirt.Dressing correctly for performances will directly affect the student’s grade.


  • Transportation will be provided/approved by the JAMS administration.
  • Students must remain with the JAMS students for the entire trip.
  • Students will need to sign up at the appropriate time and pay any field trip fees (not to be refunded at the last minute).
  • Students must wear a regulation JAMS coordinated dress outfit.
  • Parents must look for the field trip announcements in the newsletter.  Some field trips will be listed as Home School Students Invited.  Other field trips will be just for full time students.  Please watch for the Home School Students Invited designation.  When you see invitation, please contact the school if you wish for your student to be involved in the field trip.
  • Only students of the field trip’s grades will be allowed on the trip. Older and younger siblings may not attend.