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Welcome to the Pre-K and Kindergarten Classroom:

Joshua Adventist Multi-Grade School boasts an excellent spiritual, academic and development enhancing the Pre-K and Kindergarten program.  Our program is filled with learning opportunities which include field trips to historical landmarks, museums, and other locations to build on the student's educational experience.  Hands on science projects and experiments also add to the fun and learning opportunities for young minds.

Science, Art and History fairs help bring the learning together for our young students.  Physical activity, however, is another key element used in improving the health and wellness of the students and increasing learning.  The gym and outside playgrounds are used regularly to fulfill this need.  Show and Tell time and educational videos are also used to enhance the learning experience.  Computer learning is so crucial now and we introduce key concepts that prepares students for the technological age they are growing up in.

To make this learning experience complete however, a thoughtful approach is taken to developing the spiritual minds of our children of your children.  This is done through worship time, memorization of Bible verses and songs, Biblical skits and presenting a character reflective of Christ our Savior.

Mrs. Margie Gendke
Pre-K and Kindergarten Teacher