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Grades 3-4

Welcome to the 3rd & 4th Grade Classroom: 

“ I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well.”   Psalm 139: 14


In third and fourth grade, we explore the world of learning styles, finding an understanding of the types of activities that help each of us learn and retain a given set of information.  It is ok, for all of us to be different, finding the strengths that God created in each of us and to build upon these.  As the students learn more about themselves, they can become more responsible for mastering their lessons themselves. We have a very loving class, accepting and encouraging one another for their differences.

We have one main rule in our classroom and that is respect; respect for God, for others, for self and for property. 

In our classroom, we live and work in a “Bean Economy.”  Students earn beans for good grades, good behavior and other activites.  We learn about supply and demand, Christian stewardship, rewards for hard work and the costs for negligence.  Several times a month we have an auction and the students are able to purchase items or privileges with those beans.   

Memorization is something we work hard on; hiding God’s word in our hearts.  We work daily in class to memorize our verses.  Students are encouraged to practice with their families as well.  Generous “bean rewards” are given for students retaining verses from week to week.  There is nothing we can do that is more enlightening to the mind that studying God’s word. 

We have a brand new science series, By Design Science.  It has lots of experiments and investigations, exciting lessons, exploring the little detains in the marvelous world God made for us. 

Mrs. Barbara Federowski
Grades 3-4 Teacher